Saurer Alpenwagen L4C IIIa PTT 1952

Saurer Alpenwagen L4C IIIa PTT 1952

Car Details
Model Type Automotive
Fuel Diesel
Body Truck/Bus
Design Josef Hausner
Registration Switzerland
Scale Maker AutoCult
Scale 1:43
Models # 333
PC 85.004101
Car Year 1952
Scale Year 2018
Acquired 2019
  • Highly detailed
  • Nothing to open
  • Static model
Seller Note

Saurer Alpenwagen L4C IIIa PTT 1952,  Der Glaswagen

AutoCult 1:43 scale for Arwico AG, Arwico Collectors Edition (ACE)

Saurer Alpenwagen L4C IIIa is designed in 1952 by Josef Hausner, an engineer of the PTT automotive department. PTT wanted to optimize the existing Alpine bus which had a sliding fabric roof, It was too complex to maintain and its cold insulation properties in the winter season were weak. Mr. Hausner found the solution by replacing the fabric roof with a plexiglass one. Even more, the transparent roof and rear windows allowed for a clear view of the scenery.

Designers and constructors: Eggli, Frech-Hoch, Gangloff, Hess, Lauber, Ramseier + Jenzer; Saurer production 1953-1955 car body 41 Alpine bus IIIa on the Saurer L4C chassis.


Saurer Alpenwagen AutoCult L4C IIIa 1952 1:43


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