Have you ever wonder if prices for scale models on eBay differ from the store prices. Here is data that can help you.

So, how high are winning bids on eBay for 1:43 scale models really?

Lets take an example of AutoCult 1:43 scale models. We monitored 67 auctions for 6 (February 2018 – July 2018) months for AutoCult models in mint (OVP, New) condition on eBay.de and recorded their values.

For the auctions that we participated, the average winning bid price was 61,14 EUR per scale model. The spread – the minimal winning bid was 35,5 EUR and the maximal was 111 EUR (this was the car of the year including the yearly book).

For the bids that we did not participate in, the average winning bid price was lower – 51,71 EUR per scale model. And the spread was 36,18 EUR – 99,95 EUR.

Note that all the 67 auctions were for cars manufactured in the early years of the company, i.e. between 2015 and 2017. For the car models produced 2018 onward actual bids that we have seen were higher compared to the above.

Note, that these bid prices exclude shipping and handling costs. For this auctions, however, shipping and handling costs were pretty much the same.

We also examined and recorded 75 auctions (September 2016 – February 2017) and winning bids for Neo Scale models 1:43 cars in OVP and New condition. The average price here for the winning bids was 23,81 EUR. This is again, substantially lower than the price offered by many online stores.

Outcome: Bidding on eBay may save you funds, if sellers are correct and offered scale models are in OVP or New condition. The tricky point here is that lower bids (compared to non-discounted in store prices, online) may be attributed to the fact that AutoCult was not very popular scale model maker one a half years ago. The number of bidders also matters, and the more bidders participate in an auction, the higher the winning price is. Another risk risk is that, sometimes, models offered by the eBay sellers may have their small parts displaced slightly; this may vary on case by case basis, but such risk exists. My experience with reputable eBay sellers is in general very good.

A note on in-store prices: here we compare eBay price to regular store prices. Online stores often have discounts and campaigns to lower their stock, and some eBay prices mentioned here may be higher compared to the discounted store prices.