AutoCult new models in 2020 – what new releases of AutoCult and Avenue 43 scale models in 1:43 scale you want to see in 2020?

Among the special editions of 1:43 AutoCult models in 2019 was the Arwico’s (Arwico Special Edition for Swiss collectors) Saurer D330 8×4 “Welaki”, the Saurer 2DM/ Berna 2VM “Schweizer Armee”, and the Ravensberger Handelskontor’s VW Karmann Ghia Prototyp. We saw a few Arwico special collection tractors in 1:32 scale  – the  Bührer OP 17 and 1800, the Hürlimann D-200S, and the Condor A350. An interesting fact is that the Czech company Wikov Industry a.s. asked for the Wikov 7-28 Sport car models in 1:43 scale. This trend will continue with the amazing Czech historical and uniquely advanced for its time car models.



Looking forward to 2020 and beyond

What to expect from 2020 and beyond and shall we see more models from the French carmakers – Renault, Peugeot, and Citroen, as France is a traditional country rich in car-making history? The French model collectors market is big as well. And currently, AutoCult has only made 3 classic Citroens – the 15CV, the wooden 2CV, and the 350 fire engine from 1966. And of course the famous Brandpowder 911 DS and the gorgeous La Baleine by Paul Arzens, they also have French roots. Currently, the above mentioned 3 french car makers are not in the top 10 frequently released models from AutoCult.  Despite the fact, France can be associated with 16 models produced by AutoCult between 2015 and 2019. For more information, see the AutoCult portfolio analysis.






Current Lines and Series of cars continue to develop

New historical models from traditional Czech automakers – Skoda, Wikow, Tatra, Jawa, and more will continue to show up. I would expect more German car models this year as well. I would expect among the AutoCult new models in 2020 to see some models that recreate the current day museum expositions from Mulhouse, Spyer and other car museums across Europe. Although, museum cars are not among the rare models that AutoCult creates.

New unseen rare models, innovative models, and signature models of its time will continue to appear each month during 2020. I would expect additional multi-parts models, such as the Adler 18/35 President’s Car to appear as well.

Looks like there will be more models in the category “Special Editions”, “Brands of the Past”, and “Trucks”. “Racing” category needs more true sports car additions and just transports. As a new category was created in 2019 – “Duty Vehicles”, there is a possibility for a new category to be created in 2020 as well.



What models do you like to see in 2020 and perhaps beyond — please leave your feedback in the reply section below.

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