A brief lool at AutoCult 1:43 Scale Models Collectors Portfolio

AutoCult scale models producer and marketer is a relatively new player in the 1:43 scale models Collectors business. The first model to be marketed under the AutoCult brand started in July 2015. In 2017, a new brand “Avenue 43” was added. AutoCult produces scale models in 1:43 (cars, trucks, buses), 1:32 (tractors), 1:18  (cars) and 1:100 (planes) scales. “Exclusive models” started as a service to produce the desired by various existing players resin models in different scales. AutoCult follows a structured standard approach to reach the market via the existing diecast wholesalers and retail stores. The scale model maker is mostly active in 1:43 model production of unique and unseen historical prototype cars, streamliners, brands of the past, microcars, etc. In the following sections, we make a slice through the AutoCult’s s portfolio development from its start in 2015 through 2019.


AutoCult scale model categories cover Prototypes, Special editions, Streamliner, Brands of the past, Microcars, Racing, Delivery vehicles, Trucks, Camping, Early beginnings, Emergency vehicles, Busses, and from 2019 – Duty Vehicles. Most car models produced are under the categories of Prototypes, Special editions, and Streamliner.


The above infographic uses data from the period July 2015 – December 2019 and excludes models from Avenue 43 brand, as well as the Exclusive models of AutoCult. Models under the categories of Buses, Emergency Vehicles, and Early beginnings are not frequently released, which makes them a rare find for collectors. Learn more about the Exclusive category here.


Covered in the report

  • What are AutoCult’s scale model Categories and how they developed
  • How many car models are connected to different countries
  • Cars by manufacturing year – concentration of cars across the periods and year coverage gaps
  • How car series develop and grew on year to year basis
  • How brands develop year to year


How cars are connected to different countries?

Additionally, the Czech Republic is mentioned as a connected country for 6% of the models, Switzerland – for 3%, and the Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, and Argentina for 2% of the 1:43 scale models of AutoCult and Avenue 42. See data definition in the annotation area in the chart above.


Which period from the 20th century is covered by most by AutoCult 1:43 scale model cars?

Highlighted areas in the infographic above represent the most saturated time periods or segments. White areas represent less saturated periods and can indicate portfolio gaps. Data includes 211 1:43 scale models manufactured between 2015 and 2019 by AutoCult, and excludes models from Avenue 43, Tractorism and Exclusive models brands.

Compare time coverage of AutoCult, Avenue 43 and Exclusive Models 1:43 models

Data covers the period from July 2015 to December 2019 (incl.), and all 1:43 scale models produced and marketed as AutoCult, Avenue 43 and Exclusive Models series.

More Collectors market data? – contact Bugi.net Market Data and Analysis.


AutoCult Exclusive Series

A brief look at the Exclusive category from AutoCult. Arwico is the leading source of orders to AutoCult and all of the requested models are focused on this Swiss market. With small exceptions, Arwico Collectors Edition can be only be purchased in Switzerland. Masterpiece series is a proprietary series by AutoCult in a 1:43 scale.

AutoCult new models in 2020

AutoCult new models in 2020 - what new releases of AutoCult and Avenue 43 scale models in 1:43 scale you want to see in 2020? Among the special editions of 1:43 AutoCult models in 2019 was the Arwico's (Arwico Special Edition for Swiss collectors) Saurer D330 8x4 "Welaki", the Saurer 2DM/ Berna 2VM "Schweizer Armee",...

Clark Cortez Astronaut Van Apollo 11

Clark Cortez Astronaut Van Apollo 11

Fiat S76

Fiat S76, Italy, 1911, The Beast of Turin

Saurer Alpenwagen L4C IIIa PTT 1952

Saurer Alpenwagen L4C IIIa PTT 1952,  Der Glaswagen AutoCult 1:43 scale for Arwico AG, Arwico Collectors Edition (ACE) Saurer Alpenwagen L4C IIIa is designed in 1952 by Josef Hausner, an engineer of the PTT automotive department. PTT wanted to optimize the existing Alpine bus which had a sliding fabric roof, It was too complex to…

Ferrari 312 T8 Eight Wheeler

Ferrari 312 T8 Eight Wheeler, Italy, 1976 AutoCult 1:43 scale model – Model of the year 2019  

Yamaha A550X

Yamaha A550X, Japan 1964 by AutoCult 06030


  • […] What to expect from 2020 and beyond and shall we see more models from the French carmakers – Renault, Peugeot, and Citroen, as France is a traditional country rich in car-making history? The French model collectors market is big as well. And currently, AutoCult has only made 3 classic Citroens – the 15CV, the wooden 2CV, and the 350 fire engine from 1966. And of course the famous Brandpowder 911 DS and the gorgeous La Baleine by Paul Arzens, they also have French roots. Currently, the above mentioned 3 french car makers are not in the top 10 frequently released models from AutoCult.  Despite the fact, France can be associated with 16 models produced by AutoCult between 2015 and 2019. For more information, see the AutoCult portfolio analysis. […]

  • […] The above infographic uses data from the period July 2015 – December 2019 and only includes models from the Exclusive category of AutoCult. Learn more about all other categories from AutoCult here. […]

  • […] For more information on AutoCult scale models please refer to the article published a month ago. […]

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