2020 looks very promising and can be an expensive one for Renault 1:43 scale models collectors.



Norev will continue its regular releases of Renault models in a 1:43 scale. The F1 line will continue to develop. More recent Street Renault models from 2019 and 2020, such as the new Renault Kwid, the new Renault Captur, and the new Alpine are expected to be seen in 2020 in a 1:43 scale.


More information on confirmed Renault 1:43 scale models from Norev for 2020 can be found in the earlier article published here. Many of them are already ready for pre-order by a few retail stores.



Spark has a strong pipeline of Renault models in a 1:43 scale coming in 2020. Most of them are on pre-order by a number of retailers now. It can be estimated that by December 2020 around 15 new Renault scale models will be released by Spark. Most of them – Renault R5s, classic Alpines, Renault 8s and R11s, in the Rally, Le Mans 24h, and Sports segment.


See more concrete information on Spark 2020 Renault releases.



MileziM, as a more economical brand of Minimax, next to Spark, is expected to continue the Renault line releases in 2020. Having in mind the models released so far (link) we can speculate that the following releases seem possible: additional models of R11 and R9, Dauphine, and more R8s. Since all the platforms are ready, it will be easier from a production point of view to introduce additional releases. I would expect Taxi and Sport/Rally versions and other branded vehicles from the models above, as the “clean” versions require more quality.


Still, it is questionable how the MileziM line will continue, as due to the optimized distribution chain, currently only one store is selling the brand and it remains unpopular.



Trofeu is expected to release a number of Renault Alpine models in a 1:43 scale planned for 2020.



Speculation only, but the German scale model maker AutoCult may finally release its first 1:43 Renault scale model. By the end of 2019 AutoCult has released 16 car models in 1:43 scale that can be associated with France, but none of them was Renault. The chances are, they are thinking to enter the niche of the Renault models collectors market as well. However, since AutoCult has never released an official pre-release pre-order information, the above remains speculation only.


For more information on AutoCult scale models please refer to the article published a month ago.



Perfex is expected to slow down the release of its Renault scale models in a 1:43 scale in 2020. Currently, there is no indication of new releases for 2020. Practically, nothing new appeared sine they introduced a couple of Renault platforms a few years back. I did a review a few years back on some of the Renault models by Perfex.


More Renault models in 2020

New but usual Renault cars and trucks models selection under the brands of Eligor, Solido, Ixo, DINKY, Schuco, and Minichamps can be expected in 2020 at its usual pace. I don’t expect extraordinary news from these manufacturers and marketers in 2020.